UFO Days (2008, 7.5 minutes, DV & cellphone video, stereo)

In the mid-1970s, an Elmwood, WI police officer was "zapped" by a "UFO" while he was on patrol, traumatizing him and eventually killing him. The town holds an annual UFO Days festival to commemorate the event, though it has devolved into a parade like any other small town parade, with floats that advertise businesses, homecoming or "dairy" queens, politicians, machinery… and a few inflatable aliens tied to the side of the truck or alien antennae worn on the heads of teenagers. The fair features barbecue meats, bake sales, pancake breakfasts, the pancakes perhaps poured into the shape of alien beings. In this video, I reconcile the disturbing story of the police officer with the town's commemoration and celebration.

Narration by Adam Reed and Sue Havens

Premiered at "Documentary Fortnight," MoMA, 2008.