Negative Capability, series, unique chromogenic prints, 16x20, 2024.

L-R: Moss Bridge; Chlor; Linden. 

Negative capability, in literary discourse, is the ability to accept uncertainty, mystery, and doubt, and to resist filling them in with facts, logic, or reason. In holding space for the unknown and uncertain, things begin to happen. Light brings darkness, and lightness hides under shade. There are hundreds of kinds of tape, and magenta will become green in the darkroom, but what kind? Layers of gels transfigure light within layers of emulsion as I stumble around in the dark. Entirely new intensities and details emerge in the chemical transformation of the chromogenic print process that do not approximate any original intensity, like those felt while running on mountains, through forests, or along the sea, but they are tangible and just as surprising.

* The three photograms above were featured in "According to the Laws of Chance" at Light Work. The complimentary issue of their publication, Contact Sheet, featured a larger portfolio of the work.