Busy Body is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic story of a man plagued by the sense that something is wrong, both within himself and the world around him. The story begins when he moves to New York two days before 9/11 and ends in the present on a tropical island at the site of the meteor impact that killed off the dinosaurs. His journey zigzags through relationships and sex—both good and bad, trauma, self-destruction, the art world, a near death accident, and, finally, recovery.

Busy Body is a book is about the non-linearity of trauma and its affects and writing as a way of being present with the past in order to let it go. The unnamed protagonist's reflections on French cinema, theater, art, and cultural theory intertwine with his personal experience and unwittingly reveal a path away from projected pasts and futures. In the present, he lets go of the past in order to meet the challenges of the world around him and move toward all that he loves.