In Xanadu


Single-channel video installation (30 minutes) and seven manipulated newspaper prints (29.5x23.5 inches).

In Xanadu chronicles utopian loss through both the architecture and life story of futurist architect Roy Mason.

This work follows a typical day for fictional family members John, Mary, and their teenage son John, Jr., who live in a fully computerized utopian home that is managed by a 1980s imagining of a kind of prehistoric "Alexa." The story was written by Mason for his book, "Xanadu: The Computerized Home of Tomorrow & How It Can Be Yours Today," which was available at Xanadu: the Home of the Future in Kissimmee, FL, from 1982-1996, and is here illustrated by manipulated drawings from the book as well as archival footage of the site in ruins before it was demolished.

Concurrently, the work tracks Roy Mason's career as a Washington DC area futurist and proponent of foam architecture and home AI, as well as the tragic story detailing the death of Mason and his partner Brian Carneal. The latter died of AIDS complications in 1995, after which Mason was murdered by a 19-year old lover.