In Xanadu

2017-19, Single-channel video (17:20).

In Xanadu is an experimental documentary following a typical day for family members John, Mary, and their teenage son John, Jr., who live in a fully automated home managed by a computerized "house brain." The video juxtaposes its story with manipulated drawings of the house in its ideal state and archival footage of the house in its abandoned state before it was demolished, tracing the intersections of utopian design, the nuclear family, whiteness, colonialism, and technological advances under the late capitalist surveillance state. The edited and abridged story was originally written by architect Roy Mason for his book, "Xanadu: The Computerized Home of Tomorrow & How It Can Be Yours Today," which was available at Xanadu: the Home of the Future in Kissimmee, FL, from 1982-1996.

Music by Nick Hallett and Joshua Thorson.

Narration by Kyle deCamp.

Premiered at Visual Studies Workshop.

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