Notes on a Session (2013/17, 16.5 mins)
with Therese Plaehn & Stephanie Roth Haberle

Adapted from "Creative Activity and the Search for the Self," in Chapter 4 of DW Winnicott's 1971 book Playing and Reality, this video documents a young woman in a session with her psychoanalyst, 
following her through different stages of emotion about the conditions of existence, connecting through 19th Century poetry and creative play. The purpose of Winnicott's documentation of this session is a "plea to every therapist to allow for the patient's capacity to play... to be creative in the analytic work. The patient's creativity can be only too easily stolen by a therapist who knows too much." Roth-Haberle's therapist exercises a poised restraint while Phaehn's patient flails about, searching and, eventually, finding herself. I shot the video with amplified grain and color to conjure the 1971 scene of the book.